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 CHANGE YOUR LIFE, with 4 meditations
to a brighter future in just three days 

See a new world, attract happiness and wealth, stop psychic attacks, cleanse the soul, protect from negativity, quieten the mind, sleep better, release stress & depression, heal the body, boost your energy, be free from problems / emotional baggage, stop sabotaging / creating false illusions, attract soul mate, loss of energy and so much more &

As a psychic medium I spent my life dealing with problems, helping people to release negativity, attract happiness and guide them to better future but the realization that most meditations wasn t enough. So I created my own meditations and suddenly a new world opened to me, better connection to spirit, attracted more happiness and wealth, everything fell into place, even lost weight and so much energy& & No more fatigue, worry, fear and seeing life as negative.


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 The benefits from using total cleansing package are:

Feel alive  
Enjoy life and people    
Attracting wealth and Happiness
Stop taking on emotional baggage, problems/ negative

See the woods for the trees

Clearer communication with guides and spirit

Stop being drained, stressed or depressed
Balanced life
Feel Protected & Being in charge
Environment purified
Gain extra energy

Heal the body and mind

Profound thoughts and inspired moments

Give out unconditional love

Feel supported and guided as you go with the flow



Discover the freedom to enjoy magic moments and see how your life unfolds with fear, doubt and problems just signs and challenges to a new you. For years I have been fighting against negativity that all around us and this package has helped me see a new world and deal with problems so much easier, as I go along and cleanse my soul. Without this, I don't know where I would be. Meditation is easy, stick it on before you go to sleep and next day wake up feeling refreshed. It sends me to sleep, even now and odd times I wake up is just messages being passed on.

                  ..just 3 days of meditation will do that

 Complete protection, total cleansing package for those who want to work with spirit and even those who don t. This package will make sure you are cleansed from all the negativity around, boost the areas that need extra attention, clear emotional karmic baggage we hold onto and benefit from mediation that will balance your life. Your feeling and even your pain is a sign of what we hold onto and due to fear show in physical form. To alleviate stress, worry, fear and depression we must find out what we hold onto that stops the body from working and then in defence our body attracts to get rid off because pain is the quickest way for us to do something about it, i.e migraine, stops us working so we will rest and recuperate, bad back stop s us working or we become bed ridden. These are all signs we are not balanced or dealing with problems we hold onto. See the world different and enjoy life like you would after a holiday and be more connected to your soul.

 We attract lessons to our life and around us to help us become better people. We have chosen these lesson and even our parents to learn from.  These meditations help us to see that life is for living.

Feedback from those using my products

 " Didn't realise how much stuff I held onto, feel so much better after energy was released. I suggest to do individually as very powerful "

  "I haven't felt connected for so long and straight away I saw spirit and could visualize "

  " Sent straight to sleep and realise now I needed it, thanks so much"

  "been doing meditations for years and this really helps me to quieten the mind and stops me from fearing life "

  " You can feel the energy flowing from these meditations, can t wait for any more that may be produced ".

 With reflecting about life and how the universe works, the areas that kept cropping up was balance, attracting happiness and wealth, feeling connected and enjoying life. With the stress and negativity all around us, on television, from people moaning, self centred, its no wonder we struggle and the need for a total cleansing package to not just heal us for that moment but keep us protected from future psychic attacks, emotional baggage that we get from people or hold onto relating to problems. After this package I started to see life with fresh eyes, hear the birds, see the big picture on any problems, go with the flow and enjoy life. Feel more relaxed, better about life, sleep better, losing weight and feel guided to my dreams. With no negativity or constant cleansing we don t need to learn re-occurring lessons or attract negative people to learn from. Tomorrow is a new day and we can have a changed life. Don t just listen to me here is some feedback I got.


A beautiful soul with an amazing gift, recommended+++++thankyou love and light**
An accurate, genuine and gifted medium, thankyou so much for help and guidance!!
 Very accurate and insightful reading from a truly gifted medium thankyou!!
Bradmonk has great insight & wisdom~ life changing ~Highly recommended--------A+
lovely spiritual reading I've been having readings off bradmonk for over 4yrs A+


approx 16 minutes length
(download WMA format)

 This meditation is a first in meditations,  too clearing the root of the problem we have held onto for years. This negative energy has major impact on our life and creates us attracting bad situations and illusions all the time. Watch how you see images of the past or start having dreams highlighting false fears to clear out, and as we let them go we start to see a new life emerging. Meditation boosts those stubborn areas that need extra boost to get rid of and make take a few meditations.

approx 16 minutes length
(download WMA format)

 This powerful meditation cleanses the chakras, grounds us and quieten the mind to receiving information. We have energy centres called chakras and if one is out this will have an major effect on all your chakras. This can come on physical forms. Join me on a journey flowing down a river, with support from guides and angels pouring pure coloured energy. Feel as you become one with your self and back on track as you balance the body.

approx 12 minutes length
(download WMA format)

 This is a lovely meditation where we bring healing to us automatically. Sometimes when we need help we don t ask for it and miss out on such energy the universe and the angels can give if we ask. This also helps loved ones around us as we grow and give out unconditional love, everyone is affected.

approx 10 minutes length
(download mp3 format)

 This is an  Ultimate protection meditation - to stop psychic attacks and negative energies attaching themselves. This powerful meditation has saying given by old mediums to protect. We don t realise that we live in the world full of negative people and as healers we take on negative energies, and are being drained all the time. Even when we sleep, we can astral travel to help people and wake up drained.


approx 21min minutes
(mp3 download)

 Soul peace meditation is where you send peace to all areas of your life with instant results, meet your soul and ask for your life path and how you can solves issues around you. This powerful meditations balances your life and you can gain great insight into profound thoughts needed for your journey. Send peace to any situations and strange things happen as situtaions are resolved.

This meditation has helped me to see that life is about giving, recieving and sharing. Peace is an amazing feeling and could be yours.

Why not go with which meditation drawn to or for the first three nights, put the complete meditation on before you go to bed to program your mind. You will probably fall asleep but this is good, because the quicker you go into deep sleep the more the body can heal.

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